Monday, 21 May 2012

What are YOU reading? #116

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Rachel at Home Girl's Book Blog where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.

Books I've read this week

Everybody Poos by Tara Gomi
Children's, Picture book, Non-fiction
(A funny small yet informative read on human and animal habits....check out my review!)

The Perfect Pet Shop by Vivian French & Selina Young
Children's, 5 years +
(THREE animal tales are told in a pet shop, including a cute & fluffy guinea pig!  My review....)

Boo Boo Baby and the Giraffe by Eileen Browne and Emily Bolam
Children's, Picture book
(Boo Boo finds a fun way to drop off to sleep with the friendly animals on his cot mobile.  My review...)

Foxy! by Jessica Souhami
Children's, Picture book
(Everyone learns that curiosity can have a high price to review....)

My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Short
Children's, Picture book
(Tantrums are all the rage for Bella who finds out being nice is the wisest option.  My review...)

The Railway Rabbits: Wisher and the Noisy Crows by Georgie Adams & Anna Currey
Children's, 5 years +
(Lots of misunderstandings take place along with great wisdom in the bunnies' latest adventure...check out my review!)

Phoebe Alleyn and the Quantum Sorcerer by S P Brown
Children's, 11 years +
(Having the ability to move around the world in a strange tunnel is only one way the Alleyn triplets start a revealing journey filled with danger...)

Saving June by Hannah Harrington
Young Adult
(A journey is made whose end is different from the goal at the beginning...)

Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster by Alicia L Write
Children's, 12 years +
(Being a goddess in the afterlife is a lot of hard work, as Sera finds out with very own familiar...)

Guinea Pigs Online by Jennifer Gray & Amanda Swift
Children's, 5 years
(You'll want to check how secure your cage doors are after reading the exploits of these guinea pigs!)

New Girl by Paige Harbison
Young Adult
(This is one story that will set you thinking hard about what's the REAL truth...)

When Dreams Come True by Rebecca Emin
Children's, 9 years +
(An awesome read about friendships changing due to hormones, as well as some mystery. No grade because I beta read it so am highly biased!)


Drina Dances in Italy by Jean Estoril
Children's, 9 years +

The Demon Trappers #1: Forsaken by Jana Oliver
 Young Adult


Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin
Urban Fantasy


Rebecca Emin said...

Thanks for the mention of my book. One week to launch and getting very excited now :o)

Nayuleska said...

I'm excited for you! Review is up in a few days.