Thursday, 24 November 2011

A School for Villains by Ardyth Debruyn (Children's, 9 years + )

October 2011, Kindle,
Review copy 

Themes: darker side of magical life, fierce yet loyal creatures, magic school, interesting forms of detention, good vs evil debate, heaps of humour

Book Blurb
Thirteen-year-old Danny is astounded when his father decides to send him to Dark Lord Academy to learn to be a villain. Pa claims it will make him stand out and fulfil his own lost childhood dreams. Being evil doesn't appeal to Danny, but he's always been a good and obedient son, so he goes. 

Dark Lord Academy's not just unappealing, it's downright terrible. His advisor dyes Danny's blond hair black and changes his name to the unpronounceable Zxygrth. He can't get the hang of maniacal laughter, his second-in-command servant is a puke-coloured monkey, and the cafeteria lady enjoys serving stewed cockroaches or friend bat wings. A run in with a hero results in hate mail and he gets caught up in a rivalry with the school bully. The only way for Danny to stay alive is to find his inner villain. 

Nayuleska's thoughts
Danny was pretty unfortunate in what happened to him, even more so because right until the end he wonders what is good and evil. It's very easy to cross the lines of both. I adored his friends, in particular Daisy who is outgoing and appears good (but isn't). She is superenthusiastic about everything which reminds me of myself when I'm hyper. What made this witty read more entertaining were some of the amusing takes from a certain HP series, making this a 10/10 read. 

Be sure to check out Ardyth's website to learn more about her and her books. 

Suggested read
Read Ardyth's Chosen Sister (this is the new version of the cover, being printed in paperback. Contrary to the original cover, the book isn't Young Adult, it's 9 years +) 


Kulsuma said...

Sounds great! I'm going to check it out!

Marva Dasef said...

This is a terrific book. I recommend it highly. I got to read it several drafts before publication and loved it then. I'm now having the pleasure of following Danny's adventures at the School for Villains all over again.

Top marks for Ardyth.

Nayuleska said...

Kulsuma - I hope you enjoy it!

Marva - I also saw one of the draft versions, which was funny. The illustrations enhance the story too.