Sunday, 13 May 2012

Everybody Poos by Tara Gomi (Children's, Picture book, Non-fiction)

3rd May 2012, Frances Lincoln
32 pages, Hardback
Review copy

Themes: natural habits, differences between various animals and humans, funny

Summary from Francea Lincoln 
All living things do different sorts of poo. Some are different colours, others have different smells or sizes. Some do it on land, some poo in water. Some poo in a toilet, or in a potty, or in their nappies. This children's book has a no-nonsense approach to the bodily function to encourage children not to be ashamed about potty training.

Nayuleska's thoughts
This little gem of a book turned up unexpectedly with another book. Curious by the title and front cover, I began reading it. It's informative about all the different bathroom habits animals and humans have. Excuse the pun, it's funny in a clean way. My family were intrigued when I laughed at the concept of camels having humped poos - I handed the book over and moments later they were laughing too.

I was surprised to see that this has been translated from Japanese. The contrasting colours make the pictures fun to look at, with a few questions about some animal waste production which will encourage readers to do a bit of research in this 10/10 read.

Suggested read
For more information on food, check out Food Chain by M P Robertson which looks closer at the various food cycles. 


Clover said...

My two boys ADORE this book. They giggle all the way through it. We actually have two copies of the book so that they don't fight over it.

Nayuleska said...

That's a good move, so they can read at the same time!