Monday, 2 May 2016

Chewy Noh and the March of Death by Tim Learn (Young Adult, 9/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

January 2016, Amazon, 232 pages, Ebook, Review copy

Content: some violence, lots of peril

Book summary
Chewy Noh should be happy. He has a best friend like no other and by using his secret abilities, has found a way to connect Korea and America forever to keep him.
Unfortunately, none of this matters after Death’s messenger comes to tell him that he has one week left to live!

Knowing his death is coming soon, Chewy scrambles to figure out a way to avoid it, but every direction he turns seems to lead him further and further away from his goal—a dead body, a missing person, and at the heart of it, the secret that started that it all.

In the end, if Chewy doesn’t learn how to change, Death might just come out on top. 

Nayu's thoughts
After all the drama of the previous books I was glad when there was plenty more high peril, tense moments, and the odd humourous one which takes a smidge of the edge of the darker parts of Chewy's tale.While reading the previous books will help you understand the story, it's easy enough to jump in as the backstory gets recounted in a non preachy way. 

As usual I love Chewy's cousin Su Bin, who I'm forever wishing had more page time. I was mollified by his grandmother-she is quite a delight to read, very tricky, and oh did I mention her spirit hijacks Chewy's mother's body? 

Su Bin is liked by Clint so she gets more page time when he thinks of her. His view and others feature in the book, which make it easier to get a wider picture of the unfolding events. However, I was bored by a new key character who without giving spoilers away is a blast from the past. I confess to skimming those chapters-it's a male character too, and I just didn't find it interesting.

What was interesting was a certain field of flowers, whose purpose could give you a laughing fit or kill you - I loved that twist of the story. I love how in depth feelings slash emotions are examined through what happens to Clint and Chewy while they try and hide from monsters who want to kill them. It's moee emotional than earlier books, as he two friends have issues to unravel with each oher. The sometimes stilted phrases in previous books are not present in this volume, and the twists and turns forever had me wondering what would happen next. Here's to the next book! 

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