Monday, 2 May 2016

Red Rock Ranch 2: Showdown by Brittney Joy (Young Adult, 10E/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

 December 2014, Britnney Joy Press, 220 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Book Summary
Taylor and Lucy mesh together like a tight cinch and a broncy horse – an explosion waiting to happen.

. . . Blonde and sassy, Taylor Johnson is used to guys falling at her feet. Blue ribbons always come easy. And, dropping a grand on new cowboy boots and a pair of chaps is the norm. So why does the new stablehand keep getting under Taylor’s skin?

. . . A newbie to Red Rock Ranch, Lucy Rose is comfortable in a ponytail and jeans. Her makeup routine consists of a dirt smudge and chapstick. And, if she had her choice, she’d spend every minute with her beloved horse, Chance . . . and far away from Taylor, the rodeo princess in need of an attitude adjustment.

But, in a twist neither saw coming, Taylor and Lucy are forced to work together. Will they play nice? Or will their summer at Red Rock Ranch go out in a bang?  

Nayu's thoughts
There are major changes in Taylor and Lucy's friendship! It's hard not to include a spoiler, but I'll do my best not to. Yet again another fab horse themed read from Brittney. While I thought I knew the characters who were in book 1, I soon discovered a whole other side to Taylor, who learns to be nice (eventually). I like that it took time and certain horse centred events for Lucy to see a softer side to Taylor, who continued to wow me with her personality change. 
The horsemanship is really high, with events I'd never heard of which had me gripped to my seat as the action ungolded. The horses are sweet with their personalities, and I loved learnig more about riding, although still not understanding what a lead change is. 

The 3rd star of the show who I hope will be in future books is Tiera (sorry if it's not the right spelling). Saying she loves pink is an understatement. My eyes went wide at her introduction, she is so sweet, very enthusiastic, manages not to be tok much and is all round crazy in a wonderful way. She deserves a book which centres more on her: she adores ballet as well as riding, and provides Taylor with a secret weapon to get her own back on someone who mistreated her and deserves a phenomenal punishment, which they duly get. Super eager to reread this, and hope it comes out on audiobook! 

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