Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Update on how I'm doing

As I'm starting to poke my head into cyber space again, I'm bumping into friends who naturally ask how I'm doing. I'm thankful to them for caring so much to say hi, especially as I go to zero social events at the moment. 

I'm not going to give all details, but here's a November update for how I'm doing. 

Some of you know I had a treatment in May. It was an infusion of a strong painkiller. The aim was to help bring the pain down a little. (Note: the pain is super high, constant, and never goes away. Nothing makes it better, doing anything (and even doing nothing) can make it worse. I've had it for 2 years now). 

The infusion didn't work. I got an appointment for late October to go back and discuss what to try next (that wasn't even to try another treatment.). Unfortunately due to my supreme ditzyness, and family being on holiday so not able to get me to double check things, I missed the appointment. I wasn't a happy bunny. The pain clinic didn't chuck me off their list (as I thought they would), I'm seeing them at the start of January. So we're probably looking at Spring before I try a new treatment, which has no guarantee of working. 

I'm watching light anime (including Winx French version), ones which make me smile and laugh. Reading children's books is helping too, as I'm picking lighter ones. I'm having to check books when I get them, and put them to one side if they are dark. I love dystopians, but at the moment I'm staying clear of most of them. 

So it's a muddle on with things and hope for the best next year! Personally I'm seeing how many times I can watch the Winx seasons. On the plus side, I'm making good progress with my wips, so I'll be able to query soon - hopefully this month. - whoohoo! Writing helps a lot. I'm putting my energy into that, so we'll see how it goes). Plus the photocopier at work is being it's usual misbehaving self and causing jams at completely inappropriate times of day. The world is normal when I have to give it a bash or too! 

(This friendship hug is how I feel for my friends (left to right: Musa, Flora (my favourite!) Musa, Stella (also my favourite - ok so all of them are but Flora & Stella probably more so). The world survives on love.)


Luisa Plaja said...

Sending all my thoughts and best wishes, Nayuleska. (And hurray for the Winx!)

Nayuleska said...

Thank you :) ^o^ Winx rules!