Sunday, 1 May 2016

Angela Nicely Cupcake Wars by Alan MacDonald and David Roberts (Children's, 5 years +, 10/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

 January 2016, Stripes Publishing, 96 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

Summary from Little Tiger Press
Whether she's having a bake-off against Tiffany Charmers, riding high at a pony party or snooping on her mysterious neighbours, she's determined to steal the show!

Nayu's thoughts 
My favourite Angela story so far! Very funny The very title had me wondering what was going to happen because Angela is involved in cupcakes. My first thoughts were cupcakes being thrown around like snowballs. Does that happen? I'm not saying! Angela is naturally competitive so taking on Tiffany over cupcakes brings about a lot of laughs and trouble. 

I felt sorry for Angela when she showed up to a party wearing different clothes to everyone else, because girls can be very cruel about fitting in and Angela struggles to deal with those feelings. I had a similar issue when I was younger, and wish my future self could have told me there's nothing wrong with being girly and having my own style. Thankfully I have more self-confidence now. It's no surprise Angela gets carried away in imagining what her new neighbours are up to, it's not what she expected at all! A fun read full of mischief and mayhem.

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