Monday, 25 April 2016

Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella (Romance, Contemporary fiction, 9/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

 October 2015, Transworld Digital, 369 pages, Ebook, Review copy

Content: loads of humour, 

Summary from Sainsbury's Entertainment On Demand who provided me with the book 
To Las Vegas . . . and beyond!

Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) is on a major rescue mission! Hollywood was full of surprises, and now she's on a road trip to Las Vegas to help her friends and family.

She's determined to get to the bottom of why her dad has mysteriously disappeared, help her best friend Suze and even bond with Alicia Bitch Long-legs (maybe...).

As Becky discovers just how much her friends and family need help, she comes up with her biggest, boldest, most brilliant plan yet! So can she save the day just when they need her most?
Nayu's thoughts 
More insanity ensues as family situation gets a bit out of control) Crazy is a major understatement for the entire Shopahholic series, and this book is no exception. The infinitely melodramatic Becky heads on a hunt for her father, which leads to lots of her trademark illogical decisions which seem fine at the time to her, but with hindsight and from other perspectives are on the loopy side. It forever amuses me that she has a daughter, but she does her best for all those who she loves. 

The situations seem too crazy to be true, and yet they are, plus naturally shopping comes into play, I really like the various emails Becky sends and receives because they are hilarious. Becky learns an awful lot about her family and herself on this trip, finding out who she really is and what role certain people have played in making her who she is. It's a read that leads to self evaluation, and lots of smiles! Great for when you need cheering up, and definitely going on my reread shelf. 

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