Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Nayu's News #68 4th Year Blogversary!

Nayu's Corner is 4 years old!!! 

I'm a little excited about it. 4 years! That's quite a while. You can see my very first post here. There's been a lot of change since I started. This is now my sole blog, which gets book reviews, lots of anime pics, anime reviews, and other random things.
Sometimes there is pudding/cake - which I felt I had to mention, because celebrating usually means cake is involved.
I don't necessarily post every day - I used to, but it was becoming a bit too much for me. I'm now more relaxed about posting - if I'm not up for it, it doesn't matter.
Taking life easy is the best way to be!
Naturally I review books (it is a book review blog).

I read all sorts - books that I absolutely can not read at night because they are scary
I can't sleep....
books which are cute and fluffy and make me go aww
like this picture which is my current background picture
Books which make me giggle a lot
Books which make me cry
I cry over happy parts and sad parts
 and all the other kinds of books that exist. Books are very magical.
You never know where a book will take you

My blogversary celebrations started a while back - there are currently two competitions running, just click the pictures on the side bar or click here to be taken to the competition post. There will be one more competition (or 2 - I'm not sure which I stated the other day) starting this weekend. I thought 4 competitions spread out over the month rather than one huge competition today would be more fun, and that way more people can win!

I would like to say a massive
to everyone who helps make my blog a success. Aside from me, I've got a few other contributors. Gina from the awesome book blog Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers is a wonderful friend who makes sure my meme posts look special every Monday.

Then I have my team of reviewers, who review for me when they can - thank you Gerry, Amy, Liana, Mina and Rie.
Just like the girls here from the anime AKB0048 this blog has many contributers
I'd like to say a big thank you to all the publishers, publicists and authors who provide books for me to review, get involved with guest posts and competitions, and who make being a book blogger extra fun.
Like the girls in the anime series Aria, I get to communicate with loads of people of different skills and talents - you're all fab!
The final thank you is to all my blog readers. I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I like creating them. Even if I had no one reading my blog I'd still blog because it's fun, but it makes such a difference when I hear that you've gone and bought a book I've reviewed, or you've gone to the library to reserve it. That's why I created this blog, to spread my love of books and share it with the world. 

Anime reviews are slowly increasing in frequency here on NRC - as you can tell from all the pictures, I love my anime as much as my books! It seems madness not to review them. I've made a few friends because of my anime posts, which has been truly awesome being able to squee about why I love certain anime so much - including Winx!
Stella and Bloom are having fun - friendship is central to Winx
Did you really think I'd write a blogversary post without mentioning my favourite show?
I couldn't resist!

Anyway, it's time for me to go relax with anime. Thank you again for all your support - it really does mean a lot to me. I hope you stick around for many years to come! Maybe NRC will be going in another 4 years - you never know, I might just be published by then!


I'm pretty sure you were expect my almost final picture to be either 
this is Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf - I discovered the anime after I posted up her picture, and it's awesome! She was my earlier Twitter avatar
this cute one which I've been using a lot lately, and is my current Twitter avatar

Well, I found a funky new one, so will be using this quite often for a bit - here it is finishing off the post - for real this time! 

Thank you for everything!

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Gina R said...

Happy blogoversary my friend! Here's to another year of fun, friendship, and of course books! ^_^ *hugs*