Sunday, 6 March 2016

Nicky and the Fairy Named Anika by Loren Bukovka (Children's, 9 years +, 9/10E, short 'n' sweet review)


 I had a copy of the back cover, which I think you'll agree is as cute as the front!!!
December 2015, CreateSpace, 334 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Content: some peril

Book summary
This is the story of Nicky Hanniky, a young poet who gets taken to fairy land and has so many interesting adventures she forgets to be sad about her Grandma’s death. Featuring gracious fairies, singing gnomes, and galloping unicorns, this fairy tale is suitable for kids aged 10 to infinity, including grown-ups who wish to revisit fairy land, and romp once again in the forests of friendship and dreams that never die.

Nayu's thoughts
An adorable fairy themed tale of finding your way in the dark. Not a literal dark, but when your dream is so muffled and squashed you can't be bothered to chase it. Nicky lost her dream of writing poetry when her grandmother died. That was what drew me to the story, because my favourite grandfather died a year ago, and it's because of him I'm currently able to spend my days focusing on my own writing and crochet dreams.

Nicky's pain was evident. The reason she went to camp isn't one I expected, nor was why she ended up in the fairy world which she couldn't see at the start of the tale. There is a big, not obvious theme of forgiveness and seeking the light in your life. Nicky isn't left on her own to find this out, she is guided by a new human friend for part of the story, then she meets Anika. Nicky is more special a fairy than you realise, which gets revealed later. She is adventurous, fills Nicky with good experiences and helps her find her poetic spark once more.

I loved seeing how all the fairy folk lived, even if it wasn't as good as it used to be with various magic folk no longer helping each other out. Umka was my favourite character, probably because she brought such joy to others through her food. She has a dream which isn't yet a reality, but Anika learns through Umka's view on life dreams change and that's ok. She still used her gifts, just in a different way than she imagined.

There are some seriously nasty beasties which both Nicky and Anika have to face, but I promise most of the book is about personal stuggles, with pockets of fun times sprinkled in that warmed and revived Nicky's soul. A deep and powerful read to be sure! It only didn't get full marks because the end felt a bt too sudden, short, and not as challenging as I'd expected.

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