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Deadly Curiosities #2: Vendetta by Gail Z Martin (Urban Fantasy, 10E/10E, NetGalley, short 'n' sweet review)

 December 2015, Solaris, 327 pages, Paperback, Review copy
Content: supernatural goings on, violence, lots of humour 

Summary from Solaris
Someone very powerful is trying to destroy Sorren and everyone he cares about. That puts Cassidy, Teag and Trifles and Folly in the cross-hairs, against an unknown enemy with strong magic and significant resources.

Sorren has spent centuries shutting down the plans of powerful immortals, dark warlocks and supernatural creatures, and now he’s got to figure out which of those many enemies is out to get him before they pick off his friends one by one and come after him to finish an immortal vendetta.

Nayu's thoughts 
My reaction to a certain part of this 2nd book would lower the grade dramatically but it was as awesome as the 1st so overall gets top marks. IThat may sound like a weird thing to say, but there's something that happens which is horrific, not something I expected Gail to do to her characters, but which made sense in its own awful way. That severely shocked me emotionally, and I was in tears over it. It shows just how much Gail has amped up the stakes for Cassidy and her friends. I'm glad there's going to be a good few months before/if book 3 comes out as I know I need time to deal with the traumatic events. Here's my review of book #1 Deadly Curiosities
Ordinarily I may have stopped reading at that disaster and some of the paranormal happenings which were on the edge of my comfort zone, but I adore the banter and clear friendship Cassidy has with those she cares about and their view on life. Cassidy is strong willed, can defend herself, has both human and paranormal ways of protecting herself too, which is useful considering her profession. I adore both her dogs, one living, one a spirit who can be summoned to help protect her which is bittersweet because it's obvious the love she still has for Bo: I wished he could stay forever. She needs all the help and protection she can get with the super powerful and unrelenting villians. There are so many tense moments, with a fast paced scenes which with humour and some random elements make it another brilliant tale from Gail. 

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