Saturday, 8 August 2015

Nayu's Crochet Dreams Catch Up July 2015

July came and went. I'd meant to keep you all updated with the posts over on Nayu's Crochet Dreams - there is the frequently updated picture link in the sidebar, but life happened (aka I got ill a lot) so it was down to essential blogging only. Well, I've decided to do some round up posts! Ideally these will be weekly but they may end up monthly (as this one is). Please pop over and take a look at these posts - there are a few cute pictures snuck in ^o^ So it's not a picture heavy post I'm putting the links and a quick description of the post.

Nayu's Craft Time #42 Crochet is a Good Medicine Even when I ill I can do crochet

I'm perhaps a bit batty, but bats and crocodiles really are linked to crochet! This was too good a pic not to include. 

Nayu's Craft Time #44 Snowflakes! I go a bit snowflake crazy despite it being July...

Nayu's Craft Time #46 Blankets aren't just for Winter: Why blankets are needed all year round

Much to celebrate!

Nayu's Craft Time #48 Craft is Sociable - why craft of any kind doesn't have to be a solitary hobby

Nayu's Craft Time #49 Out of Juice Not that kind of juice!

Nayu's Project Progress #5 Tree building and squares Almost the normal type of tree :) 

I'm also getting distracted by shiny things!
Nayu's Craft Time #50 New Shiny Things and Snowflakes Part 2  The post was too big to put in a whole post. 

That's it for July over on Nayu's Crochet Dreams - I'm contemplating doing a similar post each month for here on NRC so you've got a round up of the latest reviews & other news. Until then, make sure you have some chill out time! 

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