Friday, 7 August 2015

Nayu's News #195 The weekend is here!

Relaxing is good!
It's exciting to reach the weekend, as these days I try and have Saturday as a non-blogging day. For some reason Saturdays have always felt like a non-work day to me. I know they are, but until I left my day job to pursue my craft and writing dreams I always had to do blog work on my days off which included Saturdays. So from now Saturdays are my designated grocery day, although the earlier I can get there the better. Even if I'm half asleep shopping at 8am on a Saturday is a peaceful affair as most sensible people are having a lie in. 

This week has been mixed, with a fair few days of feeling flakey. However, happy events have included: 

Family making yummy treats 
I've had the hard tasks of testing them out, to make sure they're edible.

Yarn for my next Nayu's Crochet Dreams baby blanket finally arriving!
Actually it's my yarn!

Ordering a small range of pattern books (some will be returned) - more on why I've done that in tomorrow's post. 
Not quite sending a letter, I just love this pic!

Arranging to have lunch with my previous day job's colleagues twice next week 
I'm super excited about catching up with them, like Alicia and Akira in the naime Aria the Natural

Watching lots of Aikatsu anime! 
Since I'm rewatching it I'm back when Ichigo, Ran (pictured) and Aoi are the central characters - sometimes I do crochet at the same time as watching :)

There's always an upside to life, one that I try to seek out as much as possible especially if I don't feel brilliant. I'll leave you with two sayings I came across today: 

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