Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Storytime Magazine Issue 1 by Luma Works (Children's, Non-Fiction, 3 years +, 5 years +, 7 years +, 9 years +, 9/10E, semi short 'n' sweet review)

 1st issue August 2014, Luma Works, Magazine, Review copy

Blurb from Storytime Magazine website
Storytime is a monthly magazine for parents and children filled with classic tales to read, love, share and treasure.

Every issue is packed with beautifully illustrated stories, including fairy tales, myths and legends, folk tales, fables, poems and rhymes, stories from around the world and an extract from a classic children’s book. Plus, in every magazine, there are story-inspired puzzles and activities, and top tips from our reading expert.
  • Wonderful stories to collect every month
  • Story-inspired puzzles, activities and games
  • Beautiful full-colour illustrations
  • Storytelling tips from our reading expert
  • Get a sneak preview of this month’s exciting issue

Nayu's thoughts
This is an incredible new-ish magazine (as of last year because I managed to bury it in my review list. Thankfully I have a better method of keeping up to date!) which is perfect for children because there are absolutely no ads! Zilch! None! I think ad free is the way to go because it removes the temptation for readers to want things which their families may not be able to afford. It's more like having a compendium of stories than a magazine.

With colour pictures, aside from the occasionally odd illustration which looks as though the creatures are deformed in the eye department (something my family noticed and commented on in issue 1), there are different styles of art and narrative to suit readers of every taste. There are short stories, some which will be continued, some which are familiar and some which are totally new. The range is impressive, and they are certainly ones readers will happily go back to, maybe for a re-read before the next issue comes out, or simply because the stories are of a high quality. I most definitely recommend this for readers of all ages!

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