Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nayu's News #175 All quiet here

I've sort of been busy....
A short and sweet post from me today. I've been off work sick this week, managed half a day Monday and felt truly dreadful yesterday so spent the day in bed. I read a lot, and watched light and easy shows including my current favourite anime Aikatsu. 

Me & my cat are BFFs!
Today I'm pottering around, sorting a few bits such as new books to log in my book log book (try saying that fast!) & blog work as I hope to make it back to work tomorrow. I'll be doing crochet later on today too. My cat did spend some of her time with me on my bed, but right now she's snoozing in the spare room which is her favourite space when she's not with me. 

Hope you are all staying as well as you can. If you get sick, I strongly recommend resting up and not pushing yourself to work if you can avoid it because it hinders rather than helps recovery time. Trust me on that! 
Always put yourself first!

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