Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Keep Running, Gingerbread Man! by Steve Smallman and Neil Price (Children's, Picture book, 10E/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

 October 2014, QED, 24 pages, Hardback, Review copy

Summary from QED 
The Gingerbread Man has to run as fast as he can - or he'll be eaten!

Follow the Gingerbread Man as he runs away from the little old woman, the little old man, the cow, the horse and the fox!

Nayu's thoughts
Whenever I heard the tale of the gingerbread man when I was little I always felt sorry for him. He deserved to live in peace without being chased after. I mean, who wants to eat a talking biscuit? Ew! Well, the same traditional tale is told here, with heaps more humour and a clever plot twist. 

In an age where emphasis is placed on moving about and keeping active, I think it's good to include hints for running around outside – at least the reader won't have people chasing them who want to eat them! 

The story is an easy style to read, one which some readers will no doubt learn off by heart and savour every word. The bright and cheerful illustrations added an extra element of humour (and very mild peril) to the gingerbread man's plight too. I'd love to have a book like this for Little Bo Peep's tale!

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