Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Nayu's News #140 Shiny new toy!

Shiny! SHINY! MINE!!!
I'd hoped to be putting a review up today, but I ended up needing to sort emails and well, this new laptop. Mine decided at the weekend to acknowledge that I'd mentioned I may need a new one if it died. It didn't die, it just kept crashing, was slower than ever etc. I did all the stuff I could, but it was 5 years old which, given the heavy usage my laptops get, isn't bad going 

So this new one has Windows 8. I didn't expect to like it (not sure why, I just didn't). Imagine my surprise when I find out how much I love it! I can access all my email accounts (yes, I have different ones for blogging & personal) in one place and it's so easy to switch between the one I need to read. I love the split screen for viewing several apps at a time. I love not needing a book while I wait for the laptop to start or to load something. In short, I love it! Whoohoo! 

Today's been spent uploading Google Chrome (which I like a lot), Open Office (free! & is compatible across all my devices which is why I use it, and just figuring out how to use some bits and pieces. I can both blog & send emails, which essentially is all I want to do (& write), so the rest I can figure out another time. Time for some reading & then anime, including the one below!

Loving the new episodes of Puri Para (Or Pripara as it can be called)

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