Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nayu's News #111 A Good Weekend

It feels like Spring!
Morning all! Today I worked on my emails so I haven't got a review prepared - they'll get scheduled tomorrow, since I don't do both emails & blog scheduling on the same day. Hence why this post is up! 

Some of you will be getting up right now, others will be going to bed, and others still will be working/playing/doing something else. You'll all be doing something this weekend. I'm here to say what makes a good weekend for me. 

Waking up, thinking I need to be at work then realising I don't makes a good weekend. 
Akari from Aria the Animation wakes up & says hello to Aria's President. yes he is a cat. I so must rewatch this show soon!

Getting my planned tasks of the day done early on, leaving more time for reading..
I found a new pic! It's Alice in Wonderland - I hate all versions of the story, but think she's really cute!

I have so much fun playing with Muse!

I'm determined to get started on a new game this year...if I don't manage it today then I'll just play some tablet games.

...crafts and other fun things. 
Wish I had the penguin as a knitting/crochet/sewing partner!

A good weekend is also made by making plans to meet with a friend for milkshake to celebrate her birthday. 
It might take a while to decide on which flavour to drink...

What makes a good weekend for you?
Whatever you do, have fun!

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Balthazar Hawke said...

Play Shadow Gun in your tablet xD