Saturday, 15 March 2014

Muse's News #1: I Am Wonderful

Yo. Hi. Howdy. Whatever. 

For far too long Nayu has claimed I can't write a regular blog feature. Pah! I commandeer her ability to type for my outstanding works of literary art, which is now a daily occurence. It is thus my right, no, her duty to type for me now. I will be generous to my minion tonight, as she has been up since 3am. It showed. By the time she finally figured out The Right Thing was to do my bidding, it went pearshaped. By the end of the 30minutes almost every other letter was done over...she was using the tablet, so that's totally understandable that her fingers slipped. The spelling became quite creative.

See, I'm not insensitive, as Nayu may have you think in Her name dedicated news posts. I have to care-she is the only one capable of doing everything I ask with a vague competance.  I'm the one who showed instead of told the fruit pie with cream scene in my current outstanding work of literary art.

Bye-bye Nayu's blog reader minions. I'm off to admire the not bad genius of anime artists.
This is one of my many forms. Aren't I wonderful?

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