Friday, 14 March 2014

Monkey Fun by Julia Dweck & Aida Sofia Barba (Children's, Picture book, 10E/10E)

 December 2013, Xist Publishing, Ebook, Review copy

Themes: nature, monkeys, habitats, nutrition, families

Summary from Amazon (I don't get anything from mentioning them - it wasn't on Xist's or Julia's website) 
“That’s not a monkey who’s peeling a grape.
Bigger and tailless, he must be an ape.” 
“Monkeys who live in a family group, travel together and share with their troop.” 

Nayuleska's thoughts
It was knowing how much fun Julia's books are combined with the vibrant cute cover which had me turning the pages of this sweet ebook. The monkeys are super cute when they show their love for their children and family. Both the facts sprinkled in the story and those presented at the end give readers a few key points to learn, which they will hopefully go and check up more info about these four legged furries. I liked how counting and observation were skills the reader gets to engage in on most pages of this easy and fun read.

Find out more on Julia's website.

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