Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Nayu's News #113 Pretty Rhythm Anime Mania!

Reina, Ayami and Jae Eun who are in the Prism Star Trio called Sprouts

It's been a little bit of time since I watched Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. Okay, over the last few days I've read more than watched anime. I wanted to resolve that as watching lots of anime helps me keep a positive outlook on life, which with me making a not so clever decision in following a news article about a Malaysian plane which went missing, hasn't been as strong as I'd like.

I want to share with you how happy the Pretty Rhythm series (all 3 of them) make me feel. All the songs are catchy, with fun, fantasy like dance routines. Some have positive messages about aiming for the future, and being yourself. I apply these ones to my dreams of one day having people review my own books which I'm working really hard on. Progress is slow because my health is so up and down, which can be frustrating as I know what I want to do. However, Spring and Summer are on the way, which my body tends to respond well to because it has to work harder in the cold. I must point out my body hates being below 10'C, 15'C is ok, 20'C is much better, and yes I love 30'C when we get that high here in England.

*ahem* Back to anime...Other songs are about romance which isn't my thing. Regardless of the lyrics, I love all the girls because they work hard as a team to overcome their fears. Often one will think they are suffering alone, but through the colourful, cheery prism dances, prism jumps (which can include actual jumps and are spectacular show stoppers), and prism acts (in Prety Rhythm Dear My Future) their friends show them how wrong they are.

At the moment I'm watching one series after the other, so it will be a while until I get to Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, which is quite different with a brand new cast. Aikatsu is keeping me happy too, but I'm finding watching a variety of anime is the way to go! I adore Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream because it focuses on Aira, Rhythm, and Mion as their friendships and talents grow. They overcome great adversity, have fun, make others happy, all things you and I do/hope to do in our lives. They feature prominantly in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, along with lots of other wonderful new Prism Stars. I'm not going to go so long between watching this show - tonight I've watched 2 episodes in a row! I did read inbetween, and I'm returning to the book now before an episode of Aikatsu and some writing before bed.

I hadn't meant this post to be slightly serious!! I'd like you all to think of something which raises your spirits high and make you feel like you can do anything. Got something in mind? Yay! Now go do it and let it boost you up in this crazy thing called life!

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