Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Nayu's News #114 Winx Bloomix, blossoms, and cookies!

Today, well before I was due to schedule blog posts until the weekend I started feeling peaky. To save energy I decided to just put up a cute pic for the daily posts. This one is of Stella and Musa from the anime Winx in their season 6 Bloomix transformation. Stella is one of my favourite characters, and I adore Musa's Bloomix outfit for being purple and cute. Hope you like them too - it's a fab fairy show!

Blossom and cookies featured in my day in the form of scented tea lights. I have lilac blossom, cherry blossom, and baked cookies! They all smell awesome, and are nice and subtle when burning, perfect as my family are not so keen on strong scents like my preferred brand Yankee Candle. Since I live in their house I need to find scents they will put up with, and these scents tick all the boxes!
Great fan art of Stella, eft, and Musa 

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