Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Star For A Day by Jean Ure (Children's, Reading Age 8 years +, Intended Age 9 years + 10E/10E)

 March 2014, Barrington Stoke, 64 pages, Paperback, Review copy
Themes: sisters, rivalry, taking the lime light, being spoilt, a 1 parent and 1 grandparent family unit, talent show, discovering your talent, bittersweet memories
Content: mild teen romance, lots of humour

Summary from Amazon (It's not yet up on Barrington Stoke website and I don't benefit by mentioning Amazon)
Lucy has lived her entire life in her sister's shadow - Lola is always the centre of attention and constantly in need of new clothes for a party or kit for her dancing, meaning Lucy often goes without. But when a talent show comes to town, an unlikely ally helps Lucy step into the spotlight for once. Will Lucy discover her own star quality?

Nayuleska's thoughts
Lucy is definitely living in the shadow of her sister, but mostly she is happy. She has her grandad on her side, who helps spoil her since Lucy's mother spoils her little sister Lola, and he even stands up for Lucy. He helps Lucy unearth a forgotten talent which brings her joy in a way her competitive sister fails to understand. I certainly thought Lucy was way prettier than her sister, not just because of her enviably long, smooth hair but she isn't a show-off which can make pretty people feel ugly.

 I was disappointed when this story ended because I wanted to keep learning more about Lucy who manages - with her grandad's help - to be noticed for herself by her mother and sister...and someone else who is important in the story!

I love Barrington Stoke books as they are printed clearly in a special not-white colour page to aid those with reading issues like dyslexia.

Find out more about Jean's books on her website.

Suggested read
Another ace read by Jean is Just Peachy (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

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