Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Winners for my 4th Blogoversary Competitions #4 & #5

Drawing of Holo (not by me) from the awesome anime Spice and Wolf
 I love finding out who's won my competitions - it's so exciting! There's several stages. First I use a number generator website to see who will win. 
"Ho hum, which number will it be? 1? 2? 3?"
Then I squee about it to myself. 
Next I email the winners and put the announcement on blog. 

"Click here, add this, now click here..."
Now, I think I've missed a step...which is it? 
"Do you know?"
 Ah, yes, that would be telling you who's won what! 
"Very important!"
My 4th blogversary competition #4 was to win two early reader books and a fairy sticker book. 

The fairy sticker book wasn't on the main competition page - it was, but then I deleted it, but forgot to delete it off the form so it is going as a prize (with several 100 stickers hopefully the missing ones won't be minded much). 

Anyway, the winner of these 3 books is....


You're on a winning streak at the moment - whoohoo! 

My 4th blogversary competition #5 was to win two manga books. I can happily announce the winner of these books is...

The Mile Long Bookshelf!

Whoohoo to you both - I've emailed and parcels will be sent at the end of the week. 

Thank you to all who entered - there are more competitions currently being held! 

If you fancy some Young Adult you can check out The Drummer Girl by Bridget Tyler which, if you're in the UK, includes make-up in the prize! 

There's the paranomal romance Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule - I highly recommend it! 

For younger readers (both boys and girls) there's the first in a new trilogy by Victoria Eveleigh - Joe and the Hidden Horseshoe

Whew, I think that's everything. It's all go here on NRC at the moment!

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