Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nayu's News #74 Tasty goop, announcement to competition winners & other stuff

"Reviews will be here tomorrow!"
Hi everyone! I'm feeling a bit hyper as I've spent some time this afternoon adding song videos from the anime AKB0048 to a playlist I have. ^o^
Kanata (left) & Mimori of AKB0048
It's an anime that never fails to cheer me up!
Mimori is currently one of my favourite characters

Now, the tasty goop part of this post is on hold until the weekend. 
Mine doesn't look this green...
I want to chat about the green smoothie I made, but my tablet isn't letting me access my camera (where the pics are), so you'll just have to be mystified until the weekend ^o^
"Heehee, I'm not telling!"


This is nothing major, but since gremlins have overtaken the email which I use for my blog, I need to say to those competition winners awaiting prizes from this week that I've got to post them  next week, rather than tomorrow. Apologies, but being ill stuffed my schedule for doing things. Certain tasks always have priority, and they've munched up my energy allowance. 
"I hate energy stealing germ gremlins."
 I'll try and send them on Tuesday for you.

Other stuff

This is the anime/manga news I was bouncing around Twitter about earlier today. This morning I started my day searching a variety of topics, all close to my heart. By accident I saw an anime/manga drawing related to those topics, which got me thinking I might be able to find more of the same.
"It's a secret!"
No, I'm not telling you just yet - I'm drawing this out!

So off I went to search on the topic, and oh boy I found a huge online database with the artwork on. I'll stop teasing and show you what I've been jumping up and down about.
This is so me! I honestly didn't realise/had forgotten/hadn't looked/hadn't thought that there would be anime/manga muslim girl images. Yay! Here's another, because you know how much I love my manga pics.
Pretty flower & pretty coat with matching hijab (headscarf)
I'll be using one or two occasionally in posts from now on. When it's Ramadan this year I will be using them along with photos of real objects/scenes instead of my usual anime pics like this one.
Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf
Ramadan is a really special time for me, it's a good chance for spiritual reflection and this year I want my blog to reflect that.
Have you stopped to think how many butterflies you've seen this Spring?
I'm hoping to schedule in 4 posts (1 a week) giving an insight as to what Ramadan entails (it's not all about food!) I will also not be reviewing books with romance in during Ramadan (or reading them). I will be looking at issues which I feel are important, and I hope you find them interesting :) There will still be humour in the posts, I'll just be toning the excitement and bouncing about a little. 
"Smiling helps make the world a happier place!"
There's no need to go diving for your diaries to jot this down - I will do an official post explaining all this nearer the time. It means I'll have to be organised and let publicists know if there's going to be a little delay on me reading/reviewing their book during most of July and the start of August. Me remembering could be a bit tricky...let me go make a note of that in my new blogging diary! 
"What's that?"
For those of you who aren't on Twitter, thanks to GMR of Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers who puts together my weekly What Are You Reading? memes and is an awesome blogging friend, I now have a separate diary (and an additional notebook) for blogging. It means I can see at a glance each month when I've got tour dates/competitions, and I can put more details in the daily boxes in the week to view pages. 
"What? I'm reviewing that book next week? I need to read it!"
Besides putting books in order on my bookshelf, I wanted to have something where I could list not only the books I have for review, but the ones I'll be getting as soon as they're available because I've requested them. I thought about using an index card system 
Pretty colours!
 ...but it ended up a bit too energy consuming for me. I refused to give up! 
"There must be a way..."

I thought about using a spreadsheet, with various columns including book title & author, date of publication, whether it was for a tour, if it was an ebook (they're the ones I really need to keep track of, as I can't see them on my bookshelf)...but that wasn't quite what I was after.  
"Nope, that's not right."
 Yet again, I did not give up!
"I know there is a method that is perfect for me - I just don't know what!"
I realised that I needed something simple. If a file is on my laptop (which I can then send to my tablet), I know I won't always update it at the same time. I've tried it in the past and it flopped into nothing. 

"Wait a minute, I've got an idea!"
I'm going for good old pen and paper! 
"Right, next book is...."
On the left page I'm putting details of Children's books, and on the right pages I'm putting Young Adult/New Adult/Adult books. Those which I don't yet have in my possession but which I have requested have REQ beside them, so I know they aren't with me. When they arrive I'll then cross out the REQ

I think that's all my news for today - I'm debating the benefits/disadvantages of watching more AKB0048 tonight. I suspect I'll be watching it because I really want to! 
Chieri (blue hair) & Mimori (pink hair) as elected members in AKB0048
Have a good evening, whatever you're up to! 
My Muse is feeling mischievous like Holo in the anime Spice and Wolf

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