Friday, 23 November 2012

A Message to Your Heart by Niamh Greene (Fiction, 10/10)

1st November 2012, Penguin
360 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: mobile phone - lost and found, power of grief, different ways of mourning, in tricky life situations, putting all eggs in one big basket, publishing industry from the view of an agent, true friendship, midjudging people, lies, betrayal, greed, new friendships formed, occasional moderate adult relationship, tissues definitely needed

Summary from Penguin 

Frankie Rowley is far too practical to believe in karma or fate ... and her family and friends reckon that work-obsessed Frankie's strongest relationship is with her phone. (And why not? At least it never judges her for cancelling dinner for the umpteenth time.)

When she loses that precious phone on a business trip to San Francisco, Frankie is forced to hire a replacement. Soon she's getting texts meant for someone else - a woman called Aimee who seems like a lot of fun, and whose family clearly loves to keep in touch - and whose presence in her life is the last thing Frankie needs.

Frankie goes on the warpath, but she is in for some surprises when she blunders into Aimee's world. And the biggest surprise of all is how your life can be changed forever by losing a phone. Frankie may not believe in karma or fate, but suddenly it looks like they've got her number ...

Nayuleska's thoughts

Thankfully the phones I've ever lost have been temporary losses of less than 24 hours. In a world where phones are used as mini computers, it's no wonder that Frankie goes mental when she loses hers, especially at a time when she needs to be on the ball business wise. Losing her phone shoes Frankie's true colours. It isn't often that I love a book which has a protagonist I hate. I hated Frankie's lack of morals. I admired her drive to success, but she didn't always think of the consequences of her actions. It seemed that at every turn she chose the choice which was unthinkable.

However! There is a big 'but' here. By the end Frankie changes. She realises that some of the things she was doing was wrong. I loved  it when life was dire for her. As much as I hate seeing anyone in trouble, I felt she totally deserved it. I liked seeing her slowly understand that things which you think are important, actually aren't. That when unexpected tragedies occur, you find out what you're made of and who you really are. I was pleasantly surprised by the end, and cried quite a bit at certain points. It's a very readable 10/10 book.

You can find out more on Niamh's website.

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