Thursday, 22 November 2012

Latest competition winners!

I'm cheating a little and putting the winners for both competitions in one blog post - it makes it easier for me especially as I've been up since 4am and brain is rapidly losing attention. Now, where was I?

Competition 1: Winners for the Sticker Dolly Dressing: Back to School & Dream Jobs

There's hours of fun to be spent dressing the girls as the get ready for school or experimenting with what their dream jobs may be in Sticker Dolly Dressing: Back to School and Dream Jobs. This competition was international, with a UK prize provided by Usborne, and the international prize by me. Entrants were asked to either send me a picture of their ideal school uniform or tell me what their dream job is and why. 

Here's what I received - answers are given anonymously. 

My dream job is...

..."to be paid to read would be Heavenly or the same goes for food" . . Nayu: being a book blogger is the next best thing)

... "My dream job is the one I do...writer!:)"Nayu: I'm still working on that one! 

I had one entry of an ideal school uniform - I'm loving the yellow (one of my favourite colours because it reminds me of sunshine).

Due to the low number of entries, I can happy announce that everyone is a winner! They are 


Mary Preston! 


I'll provide 1 UK copy and the international copy, while Usborne will provide 1 copy for the other UK entry. I'll be in touch soon to sort out the all essential details. Congratulations everyone! 

Competition #2: Winners for the My First Sticker Book: Princesses

Yet another activity book that will provide perhaps 1 hour + of enjoyment with princess mania. This is also an international competition, with Usborne providing the UK winner's copy and I'm providing the international winner's copy of the book. 

Entrants were asked 'If you are a princess (or a prince) What is the one thing you'd love to do? Here are the answers...

...Wear silk dresses and sing all day!:)

... Drape myself in jewels & gorgeous gowns. SHOES to match!!

I think we can see a common theme here - dresses/gowns are highly important for princesses (among other things such as being kind to others). 

Since there was only 1 entry in each of the categories, everyone who entered is a winner! They are...


Mary Preston!

Many congratulations - a double win for you both! 

I've no doubt there will be a competition during the Winter holidays - I'll be reading a lot and wanting to share my love of books. Thank you for supporting NRC - please come back soon!

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