Thursday, 11 October 2012

Rebel Heart by Moira Young

2nd August 2012, Marion LLoyd Books
304 pages, Paperback
Review copy
Teenage fiction (13+), Sci-fi adventure

Fast moving action adventure with undescribed violence and unusual spelling

Summary from Marion Lloyd Books (Scholastic)

Saba has rescued her kidnapped brother and defeated the fanatical Tonton. But the price to be paid for her violent victory is beyond her darkest nightmares. Jack has disappeared – and can no longer be trusted. And a new and formidable enemy is rising in the dustlands. No one is safe. But as Saba prepares to face this growing terror, she must confront a terrible secret hidden in the darkest depths of her soul… Brace yourself for danger, passion and betrayal in this heart-clenching sequel to Blood Red Road, the most exciting YA debut of 2011. It is a book that will sweep you to the highest peaks of adventure, fill you with blood-red fury and shake you to the very core.

The Mole's review 

In this book the author takes you on a journey where you will grow to hate her for what she does to our friends from the first book. She happily takes them to places that our friends shouldn't be taken and is happy to kill them off at a rate of knots! Do not get attached to anyone because no-one seems to be sacred.

For all that, it is still an excellent book and a great addition to the story. And unlike so many sequels it's not 'more of the same'. The pace changes throughout and Saba (so far one of the few 'constants' in the series) is 'fleshed' out more but not as the child she felt like in the first book, but as a young woman.

Highly recommended but make sure you've read Blood Red Road first.

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