Saturday, 13 October 2012

Queen Rider by Alan Davidson (Children's, 9 years +, 10/10)

This edition May 2012, Straw Hat
128 Pages, Ebook
Review copy

Themes: disobedience, Family secrets, keeping everyone out, refusing to listen, making as much trouble as possible, horse riding, team spirit, boarding school life, strained family relationships, common sense, a little humour, lots of tantrums

Summary from Amazon UK (I don't get anything by mentioning them)

Impossible Bonnie Wyndham, expelled from her last three schools, knows she's only been accepted at sports-mad Almonside because she's a superb rider. She doesn't intend to stay long. Just long enough to prove she's the best. But equally Ruth Caradon, her tough, soft-spoken riding instructor, doesn't intend to let Bonnie get the better of her and queen it around Almonside. Or -- is their conflict about something different altogether?

Nayuleska's thoughts
I was already hooked by this book being about boarding school. Having this headstrong, too strong willed girl attend school changed a lot of character's lives. At first I couldn't believe her behaviour, but as Bonnie's secrets were revealed it made total sense why she was a brat. There are a few places she has tantrums just like a toddler. I actually quite liked her self-declared rival Christine: she was innocent & genuinely wanted to try and be Bonnie's friend. Bonnie is too willful though, and doesn't form a strong bond with anyone. However, that is in some respects beneficial given what happens at the end of this 10/10 read.

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Suggested read

The wilfull girl who Bonnie reminds me of Enid Blighton's The Naughtiest Girl series

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