Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Writer's Nightmare Round 2

I sincerely wished I'd never have to repeat last week's title again. That wasn't to be. 

Last Wednesday I had the saga of a garbled wip. Well hey, the same happened this week too.

I went from being nice and peaceful & happy about editing like Nadeshiko in the anime Shugo Chara and her first Chara Temari
to feeling like Nadeshiko when she transforms with Temari and turns into a very fierce and scary kimono wearing warrior

This time it was the afternoon, after I'd done a few chores so I was not particularly ready to be faced with garbled rubbish from my wip. I was pretty upset and confused about what was going on. 

Thankfully help was at hand on Twitter! I'm including links to everyone involved because saying thank you doesn't seem to be enough when it comes to keeping me sane during a writing crisis.

People I'd like to thank

@LianaBrooks (friend & fellow writer) & @StephanieLMcGee (fellow writer, new Tweep) sweetly retweeted my dilemma in order to get me help. 

@KaathLangrish  (writer & Twitter friend) gave moral support once I'd calmed down to explain the situation properly. 

@YAyeahyeah (fellow book blogger) suggested a solution whch was welcomed even though it didn't work. 

@ (fellow blogger, writer & friend) did a fine job of calming me down, as worse had happened to her last year. I saw the light in returning to my paid virus protection, instead of the free one. She's also introduced me to a new writing program, Scriviner (I don't get anything for mentioning them). I'm on the trial to see if I like it. I suspect it will be rather good! 

I learnt two things from today's drama - no, make that 3. 

  1. People on Twitter are lovely. They always want to help. If they haven't got a clue, they will spread the word until someone knowledgable in the matter is found.
  2. If you can afford it, go for a paid virus checker. Unpaid ones are good, as I haven't had a problem until now, but I think there are some extra things which paid ones cover. 
  3. Sometimes a mini disaster has to happen in order for you to try something new. I'd dismissed Scriviner many times in the past, but no more! 
 What a day. No editing for me, as I'd hoped to do. I can't do any tomorrow (working on Fri so need to rest) but hopefully Fri I can start unravelling the jumbled words and get back to where I'd last edited before the virus attack. 

Needless to say after some chores and overwhelming emotions, I'm worn out. 

Somehow I think that watching anime tonight is a very good option! Here's what I'll be watching 

Tari Tari - slice of life anime which is rather poignant, light in places and tackles real life issues 

Neo Angelique Abyss - Angelique rocks in this Magical Girl anime. Her powers are phenomenal! 

 Shugo Chara Doki! - season 2 of one of my favourite Magical Girl animes - it's cute and hilarious, while being quite reflective too. My favourite Shugo Chara Dia is appearing in the next episode!!!! (She mostly stays in her egg). 

I hope you have a less eventful day than me, save your work frequently and have the best virus protection you are able to get your hands on. Stay safe online! 

(a random funky picture - I love the urban style clothes)

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