Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mole's Harvest Moon by Judi Abbot (Children's, Picture book, 10/10)

6th September 2012, Picture Corgi
32 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: Autumn activities, harvest food, friendship, community spirit, warm toned pictures, nature in autumn, pumpkins, mild peril, lots of humour

Summary from Random House Children's Publishing
Bear, Mouse and Rabbit are foraging for ingredients for Mole's harvest feast. But as darkness falls they realise they are being followed! Only the light of the harvest moon and their own cunning will get them home - but on this spooky autumn night is everything as it seems?

Nayuleska's thoughts

This tale made my heart smile. I always feel cheerier when I look at warm, vibrant pictures. I kept smiling at the warm feeling oranges, reds and browns on the page gave me, which intensified with the level of friendship between the mole's friends.

Mole is cute. Who can resist his cute pink nose and smart red kerchief? Even more adorable is mouse, with his little red boots. I love the way he literally gets protection from harm by his friends, who also help him reach for things in trees. How tall or short you are doesn't matter in friendship.

I like how the details at the front of the book are in a moon shape, and the range of dishes suggested by the friends is a good way of showing readers traditional dishes This is a season appropriate 10/10 read.
Suggested read
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