Thursday, 26 July 2012

Dissing You Already by Kate Kingsley (Young Adult)

June 2012, Headline
314 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: boarding school, being rich, not needing to worry about money, super mean girls, cheats, liars, revenge, honesty, not caring about others, life for actors, secrets, a lot of strong swearing, lots of innuendo & adult situations, use of drugs & alcohol

Summary from Headline
Alice and Tally, the most gorgeous, glamorous girls at St Cecilia's, are best friends. But since Alice shared a fabulously romantic tryst with Tally's ex during a New Year's skiing trip, it seems only a matter of time before things get ugly.
But Tally seems too distracted to notice Alice's guilty behaviour. Where did she disappear to over the Christmas break? Where has she got hold of the cash she's flaunting around? And where has she got the beautiful new necklace with its mysterious coat of arms. Alice hopes it doesn't have anything to do with the scary sounding Russian connections Tally's boasted of.
The new term will bring gossip, glamour and scandal than ever before...

Nayuleska's thoughts
It's rare that I give a book such a low mark of 4/10. I suspected quite quickly when I read it that it wasn't for me, but I read on in the hope of being proved wrong. It was difficult to get into the story because there are over 6 key characters. I know due to constant tiredness I don't find it easy to remember lots of plot threads, but the huge cast was too much for me.

The content is why this gets a low rating. The swearing is frequent and strong. I'd expected some, but was a bit taken aback about the amount. The same goes for the adult situations. I knew there would be some love scenes, but for me it was too explicit. It wasn't often part of a secure loving relationship. Several characters were cheating on each other. It seemed that most of them were devious, did drugs and didnt care about others.

I love school stories, but this one isn't for me. I liked Lauren & Dylan a little bit, but the others are diabolical with all their scheming. I've searched for a more positive review but for some reason my search turned up with zero (I must be doing something wrong) - I prefer not to include reviews from non review blog sites. If you have a positive review of Dissing You Already, please email me so I can link to your review.

Suggested read
For a tale which has a milder content the St Judes series by Carmen Reid including Secrets at St Jude's Drama Girl

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