Saturday, 12 May 2012

Character Duel #1 meme

Welcome to my new Character duel meme! When you think of a duel, you may think of two characters in a fight, like two of the characters in the Kendo anime, Bamboo Blade

Did you know duel can also mean a contest? And that's just what this meme is about, a contest between characters. I'll take characters from each book I've reviewed in the week, pair them up with another book character, discuss why they suit each other, and why they might clash. Then using a random number generator to pick out one of the characters I'll say which anime character is most like them - that keeps my anime self very happy. Let's begin! 

Penny from Penny Dreadful Causes a Kerfuffle by Joanna Nadin
Lily in Witch Baby and Me at School  by Debi Gliori

I'm putting Penny with Lily, because Lily does her best to keep her youngest, full of magic sister out of trouble and trouble follows Penny around. Penny would like Lily because if they met, Lily would automatically try to set right the things which Penny sets wrong. Penny only wants to help people, so this would be a good thing. Equally the two wouldn't get on because I'm pretty sure that Lily wants some peace and quiet, and unlike her little sister, Lily doesn't have a family tie to Penny and would be frustrated by the lack of calm in Penny's life. 

Next up is....

Sira from The Seamstress by Maria Duenas 
Creel from Dragonskin Slippers by Jessica May George

 Sira and Creel would get on like a house on fire (which is an awful phrase when you think about it) because they are both fine seamstresses, at some point they both have their own dressmaker's shop, and they enjoy their craft. Sira would fall out with Creel because of the dragons - flames and cloth do not go. Now, Creel doesn't have an issue with burning clothes, but there's no way to shrink her dragon friends - the secret service wouldn't be happy for Sira's position to be highlighted to the enemy by plumes of smoke. 

 Tara from Gym Stars series: #2 Friendships & Backflips by Jane Lawes
 Drina from the Drina series: #1 Ballet for Drina by Jean Estoril

   Tara and Drina suit each other ever so well because they both become dedicated to their chosen profession. Tara loves gymnastics so much that she kept practising in her garden, and when the weather wasn't so good in her bedroom, which did bring down the wrath of her father at one point. Drina is besotted with ballet, even when she is only allowed to attend ballet class just for a little while, she practices every moment she can get. Equally the two things which would make Drina and Tara friends is the very thing which could drive them apart. Both girls have a tendency to focus entirely on their gymnastics/ballet, at the detriment to their schoolwork and/or their health. Each needs (and has) a down to earth friend who understands their passion (in the case of Tara, this takes a while) and can bring them back to earth.  

Tessa from Contagion by Graylin Fox
Lily (a second one!) from Lily's Journey by Tania Crosse 

Tessa and Lily are well matched because each of them has to learn to live without some of their family. They each encounter a lot of hardship which makes them stronger, and they both forge new friendships over time, each becoming cared for by another. Tessa would not be well accepted by Lily, due to the existence of ogres, fairies & the like in Tessa's world. Lily would think that Tessa was a crazy person, which doesn't encourage friendship. 

My final character duel takes place between 

Katrina from Bad Spelling by Marva Dasef
Talina from Talina in the Tower by Michelle Lovric

Magic unites both the girls. Neither are all that proficient at it - Talina gets distracted and likes to do several things at once (such a bad idea with magic) while things just go wrong for Katrina, thanks to a curse on her sort of dead father. They would be united by magic not going to plan, by their determination to seek the truth which can also be called stubbornness. Katrina would probably get annoyed by Talina getting angry so much and changing into a different animal - a cat isn't human sized or human shaped to help Katrina trek across treacherous terrain. 

For this week's Character Representation, I gave all the first characters in the duels a number, and entered the range into a random number generator. The character who I'm going to find the perfect anime actress for is....

Tessa from Contagion! 

The anime character who I believe could play Tessa is....

Misaki from Angelic Layer!

Misaki is radically younger than Tessa, but due to circumstances which are clouded to her for most of the series, she too doesn't really have family by her. She has her aunt, who is lovely, but she learns to get on with all sorts of characters  including popular idols, a prodigy, an eccentric scientist, a martial arts fanatic and others. They may not be the ogres or dragons which Tessa must face, but they help Misaki to grow as a character, causing her great joy and sometimes sadness too. 

I hope you've enjoyed this new Character Duel meme. It's hard to share how much fun creating this post has been. I hope to do this every Saturday with the books I've read that particular week. If you'd like to have your own Character Duel, (you are free to skip the anime character part - or swap it for an actor/actress), please link back to this post and let me know in the comments so I can come and take a look. 

Have a great day! 

(Akari and President Aria (the cat) from the anime Aria the Animation)


Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

What a fun post, I really loved it :) It really put the smile on my face!

Nayuleska said...

Whoohoo! I was worried people wouldn't find it interesting. I had to resist doing anime for every single character - it would have taken too long. This is a compromise.