Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nayu's News #19

There are lots of natural designs I find beautiful - today I've chosen the feather. What do you think when you see or hear the word feather? Do you think of a white feather? 

Do you ever think of feathers with different colours, such as the two below? 
Feathers are all different. No feather is the same. They are just like snowflakes, when you think about it. 
Every snowflake is unique. Every feather is unique. And, you know what? Every life and every person is unique. 

I can see you staring at the screen thinking 'What on earth is she going on about?' I'm not a total crazy - I'm a writer, after all. All I'm saying is there's something called normal which sometimes we all strive for but we can never attain. We know there's normal life - afterall, everyone has it, don't they? Everyone other then ourselves are 'normal'. Everyone's family bar our own is 'normal'. 

Normal can go take a  hike. I mean seriously, what's the point in holding onto the perception that normality exists? We need to embrace our differences. Think about lion cubs. 
These are white lion cubs. Did you imagine they would be white? Or did you think of the ones below? 
You can't even call these 'normal'. You've no idea which one has tummy ache, which one has a tooth ache, which one is super hungry or which is in a mood and planning on nipping it's siblings legs. So if you're hoping for a 'normal' life, a 'normal' week or even a 'normal' Sunday evening, I'm sorry to break it to you but you won't get it.

(no normality here) 
What you will get, is your life, your week and your Sunday night. Every one of us has different dreams. Some dream genres might be the same - getting novels published, owning a chocolate shop - but they are all different because the novels we produce are never the same. We may use same genres and some plot formulas, but our take on life is unique. It's just like the lion cubs. For people working in a rare breed sanctuary, white lion cubs will be normal, yet those working in a wildlife park will think the sandy cub type are normal. 
(Amu from Shugo Chara)
Normality is all about perception. Everyone perceives things differently because they've experienced different events/emotions throughout their life. So lets stop striving for this normality and embrace being oursellves. 
 (Musa, Bloom and Stella from Winx)

 Me - I'm getting there. I no longer care that most people I know don't adore anime & super cute things. That's the whole reason why I had two blogs for so long. I wanted the blog for 'me', full of anime pictures and ramblings And then my review blog, which had lots of fun books, but didn't have the playful side of me. But both those blogs are me. They are who I am. And I'm having heaps of fun embracing the two together. I hope that you enjoy reading these other posts as much as I enjoy making them. 

 (Sakura from the anime Sakura Wars)
Hooray for uniqueness! 

Onto more 'normal' things

Couldn't resist that! By normal I mean what I've been up to. This week has been a real attack of the sleepies. Until yesterday I'd read so little. I then chomped through 5 picture books. Today I've finished the last 1/4 of one novel, completed a whole novel, and nommed on another half novel. I'd like to say I'll finish the novel, but I won't. Been fighting the sleepies all day, and probably should rest now

Writing this week

I have written! I finished one round of edits on Monday. I've started preparting the documents with notes in an an easy to read format. Yes it's taking a bit of work but it means that theoretically I'll have all the information at my fingertips. There's no guarantee I'll remember all of it, but at least it will be there. 

Life and death linked by a lead.

Before you think I've completely lost the plot (I'm  normal, truly!), the lead part makes sense. Tuesday night my portable dvd player (multi-region essential for anime) died. It had been noisy for a few months, occasionally paused a lot mid episode. It turned itself off in the middle of a Winx episode. 

(for a minute I felt like this)

How dare it! I know I've seen all of them but Winx is Winx. You know how fond I am of it. I smiled at the dead machine, and set about finding a new one. I couldn't get the same make (Shinco) as it didn't seem to exist any more on Amazon so I got opted for Hyundai. And....I opted for 9 inch screen (measured diagonally), rather than the 7 inch I'd had before. 

So it arrived on Thursday. I'd read the reviews, and the features which had received negative comments were things I could live with. Or so I thought. The mains lead/plug thingy was rather short. So short I'd need an extension lead - which wasn't a good idea because everything was already plugged into an extension lead. I looked at the lead, and had an idea. 

Tentatively I put my old plug/lead in the new machine. Praying hard, I switched it on. 

(Will it work?)

It worked! My reasoning was taken from work, where sometimes we have to try old leads if new ones no longer function. Often you don't need the exact make of the machine being used. So I could put away the second extension lead and quit panicking that I'd blow up the living room through overloaded plug sockets. Due to family working nights, I haven't actually watched an anime on the new player - that's what I'm about to swtich on now - with Shugo Chara! & Winx. Need my Winx fix for the weekend.

(Holo from Wolf and Spice anime, my Twitter Avatar)


Clover said...

Another hugely fun post! Loving the new non-review features lately :) Especially with all the fab photos. The white lion cubs make my heart melt just a little bit!

Nayuleska said...

*squeals* You are so lovely - I've wanted fun & easy posts that are managable and fun. I'm glad other people enjoy them.