Thursday, 24 May 2012

Death Bed by Leigh Russell (crime)

24th May 2012, No Exit Press
384 Pages, Paperback
Review Copy
Crime Thriller (Lots of spoken of violence and a LOT of suspense)
Summary from No Exit Press

The bodies of two black girls are discovered in quick succession in North London. Concerned about a reaction from the local black community, the police are puzzled to learn that two teeth were extracted from both victims after they died. One of the girls worked in a massage parlour and suspicion falls on a client of hers, a known racist, but while the police flounder, the killer takes another girl home to his attic, where he keeps his victims chained up while he shows them his 'collection'. With the death toll mounting, Geraldine is running out of time as she hunts for the elusive killer the papers are calling 'The Dentist'.

Review by The Mole

It's great to see Geraldine Steel returning for her 4th published case. She has made her move to the London Met and is finding that she is not accepted by her new colleagues, who refer to her as "The County Mounty". Once again Leigh Russell gives us a psychologically damaged serial killer who can make your skin creep and you just know could be the quiet bloke in the library that you know. You may not look at people the same way again! I found this book to be very 'fidgety' if you know what I mean? Well, it gets so tense that you can't sit still while you read it and it gets tenser - so tense you have to put it down and then you immediately realise you can't leave it like that so you have to pick it up. I'm sure you've had books like that? I had enjoyed all three of Geraldine's previous stories and didn't really think they could get better. But they did! Truly a great crime thriller.

Book One - Cut Short
Book Two - Road Closed
Book Three - Dead End

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Gordon Brice said...

What a great review and, so very much deserved. Leigh has a very vivid imagination and, like her first 3 books, I know that I am going to enjoy this one, even more than the first 3, if this review is anything to go by.