Saturday, 26 May 2012

Nayu's News #22

(You can't beat mornings in pyjamas - I vaguely hae a toy this colour, although it is Lumpy the elephant from Winnie-the-Pooh so looks a little different)

Summary of how I'm feeling a the moment
It's the weekend - yay! You know what that means? Reviews! 

How I became banished
This morning was quite funny. I can wake up pretty early some days, and I then can't get back to sleep. Family are going away on holiday, so were up at 4.30. I woke at 4.45am, went to say hi & got sent back to bed. 
 Amu from Shugo Chara relaxing in her room with her Chara Ran.

I explained I couldn't really sleep, and still got banished to go and rest. I love my family for how much they care for me. I was bemused at being sent to read. I had a bit of time on Twitter, wrote an email, and was then allowed to get up (considering my age (in my 20's) the banishment was quite hilarious). I know they have my best interests at heart as obviously being up early means I'll use up my energy earlier today. 

That's why after I'd had time to say goodbye properly, neaten my room and get up I settled to 2 hours of blogging. Now, I'm only scheduled up until Wednesday, but hopefully I can put Thursday & Friday's review up then so I'm not panicking. 

Day's plans
Here's how my day is looking 
  • 2 hours of blogging
  • 1 hour of editing - still to do, in 10-15 minute chunks
  • blank out 1 bag of jiffy bags - to do somewhere
  • clean out birds - prior to lunch 
1/4 items done isn't bad for 9.15 on a Saturday morning. I'm going to have a second breakfast of ice cream!

What? I'm in the holiday mode too, along with my cat who has vanished to go sleep somewhere. 
 I'd love a cat with this colouring. My cat is totally gorgeous tabby.

Day's plans continued
So it'll be writing next, inbetween reading a book. After that I can read until my birds need cleaning (12:15), then lunch & an afternoon full of reading - yay! Followed with an evening full of dvds. Ah, today is good! I made sure I posted a letter yesterday, so I didn't have to go out the house today (apart from to the garage to get my ice cream, but that's not really outside). As I'm out tomorrow, I wanted a day at home. 

Hope you enjoy the weekend & manage to squeeze in some fun among the must do priorities. 

An anime fairy - my wip is all about fairies!

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