Thursday, 19 April 2012

Nayu's News #10

It's hyper Nayu time! Well, my body wants to do this....

 (Akari from the anime Aria the Animation fast asleep)

...but in my mind I'm like this....
 (A happy Flora from Winx club (either Season 3 or 4))

 As you can see there is quite a difference between the sleepy me and the excited me. Why am I excited? Well...

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not far from here...

 ...alright alright! I'll quit with the Star Wars intro. Some of you may have spied  this manga, Shugo Chara in my memes.

(This is the Japanese manga for vol #2 - I have the English)

 I've got 2 or 3 books in the series. It's super cute, a magical girl anime (girl with magical powers who has to save others). What makes Shugo Chara so special for me is that there are lots of character transformations (which I love thanks to video games).

A while back I stumbled across the amazing news that it's not just a manga series (not that there's ever any 'just' about manga), but an anime series too. So off I went to my usual beloved Amazon. I then saw the priced and sighed. It was like Strawberry Marshmallow anime scenario (link goes to my other blog, which is now in stasis). It was what I call silly money. I checked the US, French, UK, and even the Italian sites. It still wasn't cheap. So I figured I wouldn't get it.

The other week or so I found a fun picture, clicked it on it, then discovered it was from the anime of Shugo Chara. I looked on You Tube and adored the short clip I saw. I went back to Amazon, but the prices were still the same. Today I typed it into Google, then used the shopping search function, and saw it for reasonable prices in a few online stores.

I'm wary about shopping online with companies I don't know. I discovered there's not 1 but 3 anime seasons in the series. Buying them separately would have cost quite a bit. However, I then saw all three seasons in a bundle set on ebay.

I had to wait a while until I could sort out buying it (the wait was torture. Even though there were 7 copies, I prayed hard they wouldn't all disappear). Now I'd managed to do something odd to my ebay account a few years ago, so I haven't used it for ages. The last time I tried to reset the password I blocked myself out. This time it went smoothly. I hastily bought it. It should come here withing 14 business days...but judging from the seller's feedback it could be quicker than that.

(Cover of the boxset I'm getting - doesn't it look cute?)

It's hard to explain how excited I am about this. You know how much I love Winx, right? Well, Shugo Chara is right up there with Winx. The protagnoist, Ami, can transform not into just 1 character, but 3! I love anime with living dolls/animals/creatures, and I'm deeply thrilled to be able to have my own copy (hopefully not a pirate version...unliked 2 programmes I bought off ebay a long time ago).

So I'm going to be keeping an eye out for dvd like packages in the post for the next two weeks.

Today I'm still a bit tired, so I'm going to settled down with watching Winx

 (Bloom in one of the films)

and Negima tonight.
(Party time for the gang in Negima! (Can't remember if this was actually in the anime...))

Have a great day! Here's yet another new picture of my Twitter Avatar, Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf)

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