Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Big Book of Monsters by Jenny Arthur and Maggie Bateson (Children's Picture Book)

 March 2012, Campbell Books
10 pages, Board book
Review copy

Themes: bedtime routine, making things fun, hide and seek, observwtion skills, friendly monsters, party food, imagination, lots of laughs

Summary from Macmillan

"Sometimes when you're sleeping,
As you rest your tired head,
There's a magic monster party
Going on . . . under your bed!"

This hardback gift book is packed full of friendly, funny and downright hilarious monsters! The magical story is brought to life by fabulous moving mechanisms from the talented Maggie Bateson, including tabs to pull, dials to spin and flaps to lift. Every page is literally bursting with surprises!

 Nayuleska's thoughts
The bold, vibrant colours match the mood of the story. Given that monsters can seem scary and cqn hide anywhere, this is a great way to show how behind a shower curtain at night there isn't anything to be afraid of. The various flaps to open, tabs to pull and wheels to turn are durable. I love the small details like little monsters brushing their teeth in this 10/10 read.

Suggested read
For more friendly monsters check out The Beasties by Jenny Nimmo and Gwen Millward

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