Friday, 20 April 2012

Nayu's News #11

I know summer is on the way when spring onions are on sale! Today I got some in my fruit & veg box (which is really more fruit & salad box for me). They were out of grapefruit - boo! But spring onions were there. I know English weather doesn't always match our ideal of summer, but I adore spring onions. Tonight I had them on seeded bread with some apricot cheese and avocado. Tasty! If any of you have different names for spring onions, please do let me know!

Today was a usual day at work. I got home and watched one episode of Avatar the Last Airbender, which had Katara being a good samaritan. I guessed what she was doing fairly early in the episode. She has a lovely big heart.

 (Here's Katara, Toth & Aang in their fire nation costumes)

I then did some editing!

 (a random anime girl writing. I'd love to be able to write by hand, but my body has been on strike against that for nearly 2 decades)

It was the usual 20 minutes which is all I can do on a Friday thanks to my new schedule of editing for 1/3 of the time I can write a draft. I'm one paragraph away from finishing the chapter. It was a successful session, I reworded a few bits, cut another bit, and created a few new sentences. I'm very happy with what I did.

Today is Friday, which means movie night. However, because Shugo Chara will be here soon (I got an email today to say it's been despatched!),

 (image of the 2nd volume Shugo Chara manga)

 I'm cracking on with watching Cardcaptor Sakura- I've got all of them but I'm only on the first season still (2 seasons + 2 movies).

(one of Sakura's many costumes)

It takes a bit longer to watch it because it's a new anime, so I don't know the story at all. Which means as it's the first time of watching I have the subs on...and these subs are French because I got it for a bargain deal on Amazon France (it was too expensive elsewhere.) It's really strange which anime is popular in which country. I'm glad I know French :) The actual dvd is in Japanese though.Although I can understand most of French, (more than Japanese), it's still brain power which I haven't had a lot of lately.

Have a good evening, and I hope your weekend has happy times in store for you! I'll leave you with my Twitter Avatar Holo, from the anime Wolf and Spice.

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Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

We call them green onions, and I tend to keep them in my kitchen because they are good in a lot of recipes! Actually we are turning into quite the onion family. I use red onions in my sandwiches, Mo likes white onions, and I use white onions or green onions in a bunch of my recipes lol But we are even more of a garlic family. I use soooo much garlic it's scary :P