Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Nayu's News #1

 (I saw this online - no anime character, just someone's avatar, but I adore the little kitten!)

Well, I figured I ought to at least try to have a continuous title for my random blog posts. So that'll have to do.

This will be super quick as I need to go eat and then relax with books. 

Today's post is a new revised writing schedule. I've been allowed to write drafts any time, so long as I'm up for it. Editing requires more brainwork, so my scope for when I can do it is limited. 

(This is Akari from the anime Aria. I can't quite remember the episod,e but this is how she looks when she's worked something out)

 Yesterday I had a brainwave. On non-work days I can have 3 hours free for writing drafts. I proposed the idea to my friend that instead of 3 hours editing, I try 1/3 of the time editing, as editing takes infinitely more effort than draft writing. 

My friend said it Was A Good Idea. So long as I don't go over the time. And obviously if I edit for 40 mins, I then can not write drafts for the next 2 hours 20 mins. That would be A Very Bad Idea. 

So I did it today, and it was heaps of fun! I feel like I'm making more progress on my current wip. Tomorrow is a non writing day as I have various errands and its traditionally my non-writing day. But come Thursday, I'll have one wonderful hour of editing. Then more time for reading and watching Avatar. 

Not that I'm getting addicted to this series or anything. Katara is one talented young lady. Plus she has cool costumes. I'm just about holding off looking online what happens in season 3, when she wears fire kingdom clothes & has her hair loose. I will experience the full of effect without cheating. So hard though. Oh well, something to work on! 

Right, tonight will be filled with reading and some craft while I watch TV. Have a good day!

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