Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Star Fighters: Alien Attack by Max Chase (Children's, 5 years +)

February 2012, Bloomsbury
128 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: galactic war, awesome sentient like space craft, unexpected events, dodging enemy fire, making the best of a bad situation, stubborn royal prince, constant action, some fighting

Summary from Bloomsbury

Peri is a first-year student at the IF Academy and has been selected for a rare unsupervised exercise in space, paired with Diesel, a half-Martian from the Academy. Whilst on exercise they witness Earth coming under bombardment from Xion spaceships and soon find themselves behind the controls of the Phoenix, the most advanced space vessel known to man. As the Solar System is torn apart by a war between the Xions and Meigwors, Peri and Diesel are drawn helplessly into the intergalactic conflict. Now they - along with stowaway girl Selene - must work together to find a way home.

Nayuleska's thoughts

Wow! Another awesome space series involving lotw of danger and high tech gadgets. I enjoyed having Selene as part of the crew - she can handle herself well, is highly skilled and knows when to back down. Im slightly annoyed with the ending because Im now not sure how much she will feature in book 2. The figures to cut out in the book are made of durable card This story is a 10/10 read, especially with the sentient nature of the spaceship.

For more information check out the dedicated website.

Suggested read 
For more space adventure check out the Alien Invaders series by Max Chase which start with Alien Invaders: Rockhead the Living Mountain

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