Friday, 24 June 2011

EVENT CLOSED The magic of books & Competition, international, 3 winners ends 8th August

A photo of one set of my bookshelves - they look a bit different now, and I have twice that amount of books in my room.

Today is another not so great day. The good news is that its not a virus/infection/whatever, so no germ gremlins per se. Just my body going on strike instead. 

I find laughter and friendship get me through the tougher times at the moment. But what I dangle in front of my mind are books. (Can you imagine if I did that physically? All those books swinging too and fro? Or if I had all the books I'd ever read - well, I wouldn't be able to move!) 

I got through work by the thought of flipping through a graphic novel when I got home(Yoko Tsuno series in native French), and also by selecting a few children's books for review - I picked out some cute looking pictures books and a few others. I came home to a box of books (always a happy sight!), and a catalogue of books (I'm in total dreamland with all the books!). 

I remember through the trauma of being a teen, books were stable (unless they got a dunking in the bath or other body of water), reliable (apart from the odd misprint of pages which always made me laugh), thrilling (I would read near the curtains in the height of summer when it was still light and I was supposed to be sleeping), good fun (even when I ended up with several heavy library fines!)

It's true that love makes the world go round, and to some extent money does too. People may not know that books makes the world go round too. Books are read as relaxation before bed. Books are used to explore concepts and situations which are pretty tough to deal with in real life. Books are there to bring smiles and laughter especially if the world is looking a bit skewed from where you're sitting. Books hold a magic all of their own: so how do you feel about books? What do you use them for? 


The prize: 3 winners will each receive 1 book picked at random from my shelves/stacks/piles of books (to avoid duplication I will double check that the winners haven't got the books I've picked for them. It could be in almost any genre.
The deadline: Friday 8th July 12pm GMT

The rules: Be sure to read the protection policy 

Who can enter? Anyone - it doesn't matter if you're a follower or not, as long as you love books you can enter! It's a worldwide competition, so let your friends on little islands and large continents know about the Magic of Books!  


Book Angel Emma said...

*hugs* you know I am just an email away

Nayuleska said...

Thank you.

BooksforCompany said...

Really sorry your going through a tough time at the moment and l hope it will end soon!

Nayuleska said...

Thank you! Long term it might not be until next year, but I'm hoping things pick up a fraction soon. It tends to yo-yo around, so this is actually normal for me.

Giada M said...

I hope you get better soon. :)
Books are magic and I couldn't live without them.
Thank you for making the giveaway international!

♥Iffath said...

Hope you feel better soon dude!
Thanks for the giveaway :))

Carmen said...

You know what? I had to chuckle when you said about sitting at the curtains, I would do exactly the same. Full moons were fantastic because they would light up the room.

Books are everything to me - an escape, a treat, another world to lose myself in - I've always described them as little movies playing in my brain. The family know now just to give up all hope of any sense out of me when I'm really into a book. I am addicted to art and craft books too as well as fiction and love just about every genre in fiction though all time favourites are something spooky or witha paranormal twist.

Loved this post - apart from reading how poorly you sre - sorry to read that, am way behind in my blog reading so hadn't seen previous posts. I do love seeing other peoples creative spaces and book shelves and I know have shelf envy :P

Thanks for the chance to win. Stay strong.

Carmen said...

Know? Duh. NOW have shelf envy.

Diana said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!!!