Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nayu's News #9

 (A good representation of how I feel at the moment. Zzzzzz)

Short post today (really, I know I think that every time I post this, but today will be short). 

Had various errands this morning, including posting these 

for those winners of the chocolate competition. 

I came back and watched Winx season 4, the episode just after the Winx gain the power of believix after Roxy beliieves in them. Inside my head I was squeeing and dancing for the coolness of this show. This is the first time I actually warm to Roxy straight away - before I thought she was a bit stupid & ungrateful (I've watched it over 3 times already). Here's Roxy - she currently hasn't got in touch with her magical powers, but she has a funky outfit and her hair is very wow!

(Roxy and her dog, Arthur (with the French pronounciation as it's the only version I'll watch) 

(More of a full view of Roxy, with her funky hair - mostly purple but the front parts of orange/yellow)

While mentally bouncing about on a  Winx high I watched the first episode of the 3rd season of Avatar: The last Airbender. Wow oh WOW! Have any of you seen it? I've loved it until now but this 3rd season is breathtaking in the storyline and the outfits. Look how cool Katara is in her fire nation get up! 

After that I read a book which I'd been enjoying a bit but then I got pretty lost by the end (probably because I'm tired) . That sometimes happens with books, which is why the percentage of Young Adult I'm reading has declined.

Tonight = TV night. I really want to knit or something, but I'm pretty wiped out, so that is a big resounding no. Instead I shall actually devote all my attention to the programmes (Waterloo Road & The Apprentice). Well, almost all my attention - some of it will be letting Muse have a wander about in her dreams. It's my duty to keep her happy too! 

(Here's a new image of my Twitter Avatar Holo - yes I've just gone and downloaded a few more for variety. Not sure if this is from the anime or is fan art - either way the green dress suits her)

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