Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Food Chain by M P Robertson (Children's, Picture book)

March 2012, Frances Lincoln
32 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: naughty boys, sewage system, dangers in the sea for a small fish, different types of fish, sea ecology, karma, justice, bright colours, oodles of humour.

Summary from Frances Lincoln

This simple, vivid story follows the food chain created when a naughty boy throws a goldfish down the toilet: it reaches the sea and is soon eaten by a larger fish, and it in turn is eaten by a larger fish ... The chain eventually works its way round in a full circle with dramatic results.
Nayuleska's thoughts 
Although a little gross at the beginning (boy humour), this book of few words is hilarious. Dont read it if you are in a designated quiet area. The funky coloured fish have not really funny lives but its funny in the way the scene is depicted with a short statement. The moral is even if someone appears to get away with something, they will be caught out later. My favourite part in this 10/10 read was the last page - you don't mess with a family of fish with sharp teeth!

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