Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Indigo Magic by Victoria Hanley (Children's, 10 years +)

5th April 2012, Corgi
264 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: magic, losing magic not from choice, betrayal, loyalty, the hidden depths of friendship, all the facets of love, evil beyond words, the responsibility that comes with having great power, making the right choice always means a sacrifice, being different, prejudice proved wrong, some violence, lots of moderate peril, a little humour, lots of tissues need

Summary from Random House Children's Books 
Discover a world of fey magic and dark secrets . . . Zaria Tourmaline, a young fairy with exceptional magical strength, is on the run after escaping from the evil Lily Morganite, who will stop at nothing to gain control of Feyland and its people.

Since discovering that her parents might still be alive, Zaria, along with her friends, sets out on a quest to find them and free them from the dark enchantment that Lily has cast. Zaria is also in possession of a rare substance - an indigo bottle that contains a malevolent powder capable of destroying magic . . . But will she be able to keep it from falling into the hands of Lily Morganite?

Nayuleska's thoughts
I was so excited when I started this book, And now I've finished Im crying for Zaria. She, like everyone else isn't perfect. She makes colassal mistakes which have devastating, wide ranging and long lasting consequences. It really feels like the world is ending. When I think fairies I want happiness - but although what happens to Zaria is emotionally painful, it mirrors the oddness of how in our lives amazing things can happen, but they are often accompanied with a hardship that can't be erased. This is a hard hitting 10/10 read but I'm confident ultimately the vile Lily, whose ethics and morals are extremely far from the pleasantness of real lilies, will get her comeuppance.

You can find out more on Victoria's website.

Suggested read

Be sure to read book 1, Violet Wings to see how far Zaria has come in life. 

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it is a great book about magic and courage