Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Nayu's News #4

(Kirino from the anime Bamboo Blade)

Today has been a lazy day. I thought I'd scheduled a review up, so apologies for not having one today. It's nearly time to head offline and read for a few hours, so I figured I write a blog post. This morning I finished off this book...

(Mice by Gordon Reese) 

...which was quite different to how I thought it would be. A good different, although I was disappointed with the end. 

I watched several episodes of this...

(Bones season 6)

...which provided great hilarity with comments from both family and myself. 

I then watched some of this

(Cardcaptor Sakura Season 1 episode 13) 

...the episode was a Groundhog Day type, which was frustrating for all the characters - poor Sakura had to do a recorder test over 3 times! 

I also watched one ep of this 

 (Negima some of the girls going hiking)

...which never fails to make me smile. 

I then did some editing of my wip, and tonight I'm reading, starting a new fingerless glove (knitted) & watching a drama about people winning the lottery. 

Hope something made you smile today! 

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