Thursday, 26 January 2012

I Don't Believe It, Archie! by Andrew Norris

August 2011, David Fickling books 
124 pages, hardback
Review copy

Themes: bizarre events, feline frolics, thieves, vehicles moving at great speed, huge misunderstandings, constant hilarity, very mild romance

Odd things happen to Archie every day. Some very odd things. 

On Monday, a piano rolls down the hill and traps his new friend Cyd in her mum's car. And then a lorry tips a load of gravel on top of it. 

At least Cyd finds it exciting. Though of course she doesn't believe that this sort of thing happens to Archie every day. 

Until Tuesday, when Archie finds a dead dog in his pocket. 

Poor Archie. But as he soon discovers, if odd things have to happen to him, it's a lot better if they happen when Cyd's around.

Nayuleska's thoughts
I thought I was accident prone - I'm happy being clumsy and not coping with the seriously weird events Archie deals with! At least by meeting so many people during said events he finds people to help him out of the next incident. 10/10 for this fun read, made more exciting with the hilarious illustrations. 

You can find out more about Andrew and his books on his website

Suggested read
For a slightly more serious, yet equally odd boy, check out Too Small to Fall by Morris Gleitzman

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