Wednesday 27 February 2013

Nayu's News #56 A new, extra special rating for my reviews

"I'm all typed out."

Note: quotes are by Nayu, pictures are found randomly (or not so randomly) online.

Hi all! I'd hoped to put up some reviews today, but emails took a bit longer than I anticipated so I haven't got heaps of time left. Here's this week so far. 

"Work done now...zzzzzz" 

I'm easing back into work after being ill. Getting super tired at the moment, but I expected that. I'm resting heaps, I promise! 
Me & my cat. Unfortunately I can never nap unless I'm ill, but I would if I could.

"That's it, work is done and I am reading this book for as long as I please."

I'm reading more than anticipated, because sometimes I'm so tired I'm not up for anime - which believe me, is pretty tragic. 
 "My soul wants anime but my head doesn't!"

Tonight I'm going to settle down to the French version of Heidi - it is gentle, not too confusing, and nice and 'slow', so I don't have to think much and don't have to worry about things being too bright and fast. 
 "The slower you take life, the more you notice, appreciate & achieve."

"What has any of this to do with the post's title?"

Ah, yes, this post's topic! I've wanted a special rating for the books which I squee over. You know the ones where you happily hug it and want every single person you see to read it. 

So what's the rating? It's not a number, not like 11/10 or 12/10. It is...

10/10 E 

Yes, 10/10 E. What is E? E stands for epic. That's the best word I can think of to describe truly awesome books. They are epic. That's why they're special. 
"Oooo! It's getting good." 

So keep an eye out for books rated 10E/10E - you'll know they are extra special to me. I'd like to say I'll go back and re-label reviews that are already up and deserve the E, but that would take a while and time is something I don't have, so I'll just be doing it from now on. 

"Over to you!"

I'd love to know what type of ratings you use, whether you have one for epic books, or whether you don't have a rating at all. 

Keep smiling! 
"Do whatever makes you smile - play with a cat!"


Paul R. Hewlett said...

I love the pictures and the e rating is a really neat idea!

Paul R. Hewlett

Anonymous said...

The silver with cat sleeping
Woah..That's exactly how my anime character looks like!Silver hair,pet cat,and she can't sleep unless she's sick because she's a vampire..You drew her way beter than me though ;).


Nayuleska said...

Paul - thanks!

Chi - all the pictures are taken from the internet, drawn by other people, not me.