Sunday, 5 December 2010

In My Mailbox #7

Today has been a lovely week for book parcels. My postman made it through the snow, as did the DHL driver. It definitely made my long weekend a good one! Here's my stash for this week. (Apologies if some of the pictures are poor quality - when I used the flash it showed a huge shiny area which covered up a good part of the book)

 Young Adult, Paranormal 
(I'm starting this tonight! I've re-read Beautiful Creatures)

Dark Urban Fantasy 
This is an amazing book - check out my review! 

(Werewolves are in)  

Young Adult 
(This will keep you busy after Fallen & Torment) 

(Yay! This one is sure to have lots of action) 

(I heard about this one at the Bloggers Brunch in the summer (RHCB) I've read another on a similar theme, and it looks good) 

Older Children/Young Adult 
(Family drama) 

(I loved The Legion, so I'm intrigued about this one!) 

Young Adult
(A great book by a fab author (review to come in Feb 2011)) 

(There's a lot of talk about this one)  

(This one looks intriguing)  

(I suspect there are lots of heart in mouth moments in this one)  

(It's going to eat you!!!!) 

(Will re-read Z.Rex which was really good) 

Picture book 
(The mice are small balls of fluff early on in the story - very cute!) 

Picture Book
(Somehow I feel this will appeal to boys) 

Picture Book
(The illustrations here are so cute and gorgeous!) 
(I haven't read all of these, but Sophie is a brilliant author) 

Young Adult
(I'm eager to read this one based on the cover alone!)


kirsty at the overflowing library said...

awesome book haul

crusade is fab as it bog child. Hope you enjoy them

The Slowest Bookworm said...

What a fab book haul! You're going to have a great reading week this week. Hope you enjoy them.

Rachel (Booktastic Reviews) :) said...

Hey, I'm Rachel :) I just found your blog and I like it :D
I have my own book reviewing blog too...
Hope you can visit it!

Rachel xx :)

Cem said...

Some awesome books there! Looking forward to your reviews on a couple of them cause they're ones I'm thinking bout getting. And you already know how excited/jealous I am about The Iron Witch ;) Great haul!

Blueicegal ♥ said...

Damn girl i was getting worried that i would be scrolling down forever lol! lucky you , you got fab books, i hope you enjoy them! :D

asamum said...

What a completely awesome book week. Enjoy :D

Shy said...

Man... that's A LOT!! And look at that shiny cover of Beautiful Darkness. Have you begin the book at this moment? If so, how do you like it so far?

Nayuleska said...

Hi everyone! Welcomee if you're new on the blog. Nice to see you.

I hasten to add that these books won't be read straight away. These are simply what I have received in the week.

You can find a list of what I'm reading every Monday, in the What Are You Reading? Meme. That's where you find out precisely which books I'm grabbing off my TBR pile.

Beautiful Darkness - I started it. I got 133 or so pages in. And I've put it down. It just wasn't grabbing me as much as Beautiful Creatures. Also, my favourite character is Lena....and there's focus on her (in some respects). I'm not so interested in male teenage moping. So I won't be finishing it (yes, for the record I did peek at the end to see if I could get interested in it. The end is a bit bizarre, and I'm quite happy leaving the series. It's sad that I feel like this about a book, but not every book is for everyone. Perhaps I'll get on with it in the future)