Monday, 25 October 2010

Author Interview with Rachel Vincent

In conjunction with my review of ALPHA (link to review will be active by the end of Mon 25th) Rachel kindly agreed to answer a few interview questions. Thank you  Rachel!

Nayu: What type of research did you undertake for the Shifters series - for example did you watch films about cats to see how they move?

Rachel: I went to the zoo several times to watch the large cats move (always interesting, since I have an actual phobia of large cats, complete with vivid nightmares). I also watched some documentaries on TV, did a bunch of fact checking online (mostly regarding how cats make kills, how powerful their jaws are, and general info about their physiology). And…I listened to various cat sound recordings online, to make sure I was describing the chuffs, roars, and growls right. ;)

2)     Is there any character who for whatever reason had to be cut from the final version of the Shifters series?

If memory serves, there was a minor bad guy in Rogue who got cut in an attempt to simplify the plot. But I can’t even remember his name anymore.

3)     With the Shifters series now at a close, do you find that you still have ideas for the characters, for what happens after Alpha?

I don’t have any more ideas for Faythe off the top of my head, but just this past weekend, an idea for a possible spinoff kinda smacked me over the head. That’s the first specific idea I’ve had in that regard, so I was pretty surprised. No promises, though. ;)

4)      Do you think you'll return to the concept of shapeshifters again, maybe using a different location and/or time setting to Shifters, or are you branching out into something completely different for your next work?

My next series is something completely different. I haven’t ruled out a possible Shifters spinoff, but I’m not currently working on or contracted for one.

5)      What have you found to be the highs and lows of being a writer?

The highs include really nailing a difficult scene/tricky emotion, seeing your first book on the shelf, and hearing from readers who were caught up enough in your characters to cry over them. The lows, obviously, are bad/snarky/personally offensive reviews. Those can make it very difficult to preserve enough self confidence to get the next book written. Someday I’ll have enough willpower to simply not read reviews, but I doubt that’ll happen any time soon. ;)

Rachel Vincent is the author of Alpha part of her Shifter’s series about a pride of werecats which is out now from MIRA books £6.99. For more information on Rachel’s books visit

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